Match Review

Match Review
This is not just limited to wrestlers - referees, managers and valets have all requested this - and it is not some simple "great match man" type review. We offer an end-to-end analysis. What exactly does that mean? From the moment you (and/or you and your partner or group) walk out from the curtain until you exit out that same curtain we break down each and every thing we can find to provide a clear understand of what works - and what would benefit from some changes. A small sample of items covered - ring entrance, wrestling moves, selling, crowd engagement, match flow and so, so much more. The only thing not covered is mic work of a full interview in the ring as that deserves a dedicated interview review which can be purchased here as well.

Being a neutral third party is key as this gives us an ability to not only be unbiased and constructive but we can provide the "first impression" reaction that a crowd would have upon first seeing you as well. The process is quite simple:

  1. 1. Purchase a match review from us.
  2. 2. Login to your account for instructions on how to provide a match to us.
  3. 3. In a prompt and timely fashion, the match is analyzed.
  4. 4. A professional video review is created.
  5. 5. We send you a special password protected link to view our constructive and honest feedback.
  6. 6. The link does not go away and you may view as many times as you want.

We've had wrestlers submit four or five matches showing steady progress or trying to get feedback on if a particular character, style or structure is working so don't feel this needs to be a one-time deal. Read the book and it will be clear we are all about progress and bettering everyone and everything in the ring.!

It's time to up your game! Request a review today!
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