Basic Information
Ever hear the story of the life-long wrestling fan who gets their dream of becoming a professional wrestler crushed due to poor genetics but instead ends up experiencing every single role in the professional wrestling world and being successful at it? NO? Well, that was me - a 5 foot 9 inch originally 140 pound soaking wet physical specimen who trained to be a professional wrestler for a year before every stepping into a ring in front of a crowd and when I finally did, I was a referee!

What unfolded after that however was a journey of growth, development and success as I formed several profitable indy professional wrestling companies, worked for a variety of different promotions including headlining the inaugural Insane Clown Posse Stranglemania wrestling show, and consistently built crowds and crowd engagement match to match.

As with any advice or instruction, pedigree of the instructor helps, but ultimately it is simply if the instruction works or not.

David Chapman
Everything in the book is built upon my real-world experiences and includes many, many real world examples to expertly illustrate that. When I review interviews or matches, I use the core concepts from the book and provide constructive but honest reviews. I encourage everyone to read the book even if you are nto a worker and if you are or are considering, take advantage of the interview/match review services as they can be invaluable to everyone with a strong desire to be the best!