What I Offer

The Book

Get your copy of The Lost Art and Science of Professional Wrestling today!

Mic Work Analysis

Get an unbiased, constructive examination of an interview you have done.

Full Match Analysis

A complete breakdown and analysis of one of your matches with key insights.

Detailed Explanation

In addition to the book, you can get expert, unbiased feedback on your matches and interviews to up your game!

Interview Review

Interview Review

Get an expert breakdown of one of your interviews or in-ring promos based on the core concepts found in the book. Brutal honest is guaranteed but with an eye towards improvement!.

Match Review

Match Review

A thorough breakdown of one of your recent matches from start to finish with no punches pulled (for a change) and a real eye towards what works and what didn't..

The Book Itself

The Book Itself

The ultimate resource and guide for how to apply the real-world examples of time-testing techniques for understanding and appreciating our favorite sport!.



These people have seen the benefits, and you can to!

A magician who can see what I cannot!

"The way you broke down my match and the eyes you view it from where was like magic to me. I just never saw any of those things....until you pointed them out and now I see it all."

Fair and not as brutal as I thought.

"I submitted a link to an interview I did and was a little concerned about what I would get back but the review was fair and really opened my eyes on what I could have done differently."


"The feedback from my interview was not what I wanted to hear but after thinking about it and listening to your reasons, I'm going to buy the book and change up pretty much everything."

What a great read!

"I have to say, the examples you gave of what you did were just amazing! Funny, vicious and insightful, they are what really keep me reading."